Welcome to Eden Valley Quail

At Eden Valley quail are aim is to Provide quality prime quail in a range of sizes to suit the falconers needs. All are quail are reared in Ethically raised systems and all in the uk by ourselves. We have worked directly with the feed mill Nutritionist To produce a feed That is not only good to grow quail but also passes on through the quail to the falcon With the theory you are what you eat. This is important to us because the reason we started Eden Valley quail was to feed our own falcons, all thought Lee and Tim have over 10 years of experience in game farming quails have Presented there own problems when it comes to rearing them. They need a lot more heat for the first week then other chicks We also had to change our ventilation system as it was just not adequate although our quails are reared Ethically We are constantly looking for new ways To improve our system especially from a welfare stand point.

What does ethically raised mean for the quail?

Lower Densities

We put a 3rd less quail in a rearing unit which reduces stress which improves growth rate and prevents feather pecking

Full lighting

They are kept in full light units to stimulate natural behaviour

Free to fly

Free to fly means they are Free to fly whenever they choose Which means they have a more natural breast muscle tissue and less fat they are not kept in fattening cages


We add straw Bales to the rearing unit to stimulate natural behaviour